Which Is Better Electric or Manual Breast Pump

The breast pump is almost an inseparable thing for mothers to choose to store breast milk for their babies to exclusively breastfeed. Help suck excess milk to reserve for breastfeeding, avoid clogged or stimulate milk more with mothers with less milk. Let’s find out about best breast pumps for low milk supply

Advantages of using a breast pump

The breast pump helps mothers solve the problem of breast-feeding

Many mothers now face the risk of losing breast milk for a variety of reasons. Mothers lack milk, lose milk early, Clogged milk, milk stretch after birth, both painful mother has affected milk quality.

Many different causes such as not feeding the baby often. Breastfeeding wrongly, psychologically, wearing a too-tight bra. What moms need now is a safe and long-term solution to maintain the milk supply for their babies.

And the breast pump as a savior appears to the mother. Currently, on the market, there are many types of breast pumps that can solve this problem.

Breast milk is a source of nutrition for children, there is no substitute for formula

The source of nutrition in breast milk is perfect for your baby’s development. No matter how well-researched formula is, it cannot be compared with it.

In breast milk, there are valuable antibodies, giving your baby the best immune system. Also, there is fat and energy in breast milk, suitable for the early development of the baby.

Save time, convenient for mom when going to work early

For mothers using a double electric breast pump with massage, the mode will save a lot of time. If your mom has a job out for a few hours, she still has milk to feed when hungry.

The mother went to work early, the breast pump is convenient. Mom just needs to spend some time pumping and preserving milk carefully. The next day the baby still has milk to breastfeed, mom assured work.

Long-term storage, in case the mother cannot breastfeed

There are many cases where the mother is ill, has pain, or has to use a medicine, contraindicated to breastfeed. Using a breast pump to store milk for a long time for your baby is extremely effective and reassuring. She only needs to pump milk daily, if she does not finish breastfeeding, she can freeze.

Breast milk has admirable endurance. If you store the freezer, you can store up to 6-12 months, you don’t worry about missing milk anymore.

Saving money

If you give your baby formula milk, you try to calculate the cost of a year compared to buying a breast pump to maintain the milk source.

Today’s formula prices are not cheap if the mother tried to calculate briefly. One year your baby uses formula milk will buy some good breast pumps. If the mother uses a breast pump regularly, the breast milk properly will last longer.

And yet, if the mother gives birth to the first baby, after using the device, she can sterilize, preserve, and store it for use if she wants to give birth to the second baby. If not, you can rent it to other mothers or liquidate it. Although the value will decrease a bit, the benefits are very much, aren’t you?

Disadvantages of using a breast pump

A mother must diligently suck milk, day and night. Usually, mothers pumped breast milk according to the schedule is now 3-6-9-12-15-18-24, every 3 hours is a must.

When the body gets used to the schedule, the milk will automatically stretch by now. If the milk is not pumped out, it will be very uncomfortable, easily clogged milk. At the same time, the body understands that the baby does not need to suck and will produce less milk. Leads to reduced milk production.

After milking, you must put in the milk storage bag, properly stored. When to use will have to know how to thaw, reheat the milk to avoid losing nutrients in breast milk. Freezing it depletes nutrients of breast milk.

After using, you must remove, clean the machine to ensure hygiene for later use.

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Types of breast pump on the market

On the market there are many models of different brands but based on the operation of the suction and structure, it can be divided into 4 different types: manual breast pump, electric suction machine, single suction, double suction pump. Each type has its advantages so you can depend on your finances, needs, and choose the most suitable product.

Manual  breast pump

The bottle and the hopper are designed like an electric machine, but the main difference is that this machine does not have a suction wire as well as a vacuum machine like an electric machine. At the same time use the squeeze of the hand to exert the suction force, so you can easily adjust the suction.


The manual breast pump has the advantage of compact design, easy to carry away, travel very convenient. The breast pump is also much cheaper than electric machines, so it is suitable for the financial conditions of nursing mothers.


A manual breast pump will make mothers quickly tired hands, back pain, only suck each side and the amount of breast milk will be less when compared to electric suction.

Electric breast pump

Electric breast pump, or can use a high-efficiency battery. The mother pumped breast milk quickly, being more convenient and saving time. The suction is created by fully automatic motor, there are different levels of suction for you to adjust the suction force accordingly. The machine has both suction mode and massage mode to stimulate more milk.

The only downside to electric machines is that they cost more than manual machines.

The electric breast pump is divided into two categories: single electric breast pump and double electric breast pump.

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Single-sided suction machine (single electric breast pump)

As a one-sided breast pump, you must pump one at a time or you can breastfeed on one side and use suction on one side to balance. A single electric milking machine is cheaper than a double electric milking machine, so it is suitable for mothers who want to save money.

Double electric breast pump

If you want to conveniently suck both breasts at the same time to save time, then choosing a double electric breast pump is best. When using a double-breasted suction machine, there are many advantages compared to a single-sided suction machine, so the price is also higher. Breast pump good on both sides, Unimom double breast pump, double machine medela swing maxi, Lansinoh are popular today.

Experience in buying a breast pump

Just like when buying other items, when buying a breast pump, you should choose the product you need to buy that suits your ability and needs. Before buying, the mother must carefully learn from the company, the material to the price to match the following 3 criteria:

Material: the product must be made of safe plastic, does not contain BPA, choose reputable brands that have brands.

Demand for use: If you use less then you can choose a manual, but if used more often, you should choose a machine that will save a lot of time.

Finance: Depending on the financial capacity of the family, you should consider buying the most suitable machine by hand, the price is lower and much cheaper, and you should buy an electric device if possible.

How to use an efficient milking machine

To be able to bring high efficiency when using, you should immediately refer to 4 experience using effective breast pump below:

  • Read the device’s manual carefully before starting a test on your body.
  • Wash your hands and disinfect carefully the tools used during and after the pumping process.
  • Just suck and massage the chest to stimulate milk more.
  • Choose the right suction force to avoid pain during suction.

Should drink plenty of water and drink complimentary milk for mothers, eat enough 3 meals to add more vegetables to ensure the quality of milk for the baby.

Learning from some other mothers, it is very difficult to stop breastfeeding. Time to practice on the average, both the mother and baby are very hard. Especially in the first 6 months of breastfeeding. Reducing a load of mild jet-off status in mothers after birth.

With some advantages and disadvantages that we have summarized above, hopefully, moms will find a suitable breastfeeding method based on each person’s location.