I am a mother of two lovely little girls and a lover of all things Russian (I got my BA in Russian from Seattle Pacific University).  I love to knit, read, paint, and do just about anything else artistic.  I love sweets way too much and listen to music a little too loud.  My photography journey began in 2005 with the birth of my oldest daughter.  I wanted to capture and savor every moment and detail knowing they would pass by way too fast.  I want to be able to give other families tangible memories; I want to give them photographs that take them back to that day and let them relive the emotion, smells, tastes, thoughts, and sounds.  Basically, I want to give people the closest thing I can to a time machine.

Now we’re going to talk about you.  You value your friends and family above all else, but that doesn’t mean you don’t find joy in something shiny and new (even if it’s a tiny something).

After all the car seats and high chairs and clothes and toys and random baby gadgets are bought and then outgrown, the things you keep close are your countless photos.  You love your snapshots, but you probably don’t want them hanging on your wall in the form of a 20×24 canvas.

You’ve gone to the cookie cutter portrait studios, but you want something unique and reflects you.  You want your photographer to understand that babies have to eat, kids need time to warm up to the camera, and you don’t want to feel rushed or like you have to apologize if it takes a little while to get that shot you want.  You want the one-on-one that doesn’t come with someone who is dealing with you while trying to man the phones and shuffle the next customer in.

Most importantly, you realize that you don’t get these moments back and that photography is the tangible way for you to always remember the way your baby’s wispy hair stuck out in every direction, those perfect ringlet curls your daughter’s hair would transform into after she had been playing for just the right amount of time, how your boy’s nose wrinkled up when he really laughed, the perfect shape of your about-to-pop pregnant belly, the look of love in your husband’s eyes.  Hold on to your memories.  Bottle that emotion so you can savor it over and over again for years to come.

I get it.  I understand because we are alike.  I want to be your photographer from the moment you become a family until the time you have an empty nest and all the way through until you become a grandparent.  Call me or email me today, right now, because life gets in the way and it is too easy to say you’ll do it tomorrow but before you know it your tiny baby is turning one and then your one year old is a four year old and then she’s going to kindergarten and then…

Let’s grab some tea, coffee, or an ice cold Dr. Pepper and talk about the images you want hanging on your wall or going on your Christmas card, that awesome gift for Grandma, or surprise for Daddy.