Travel Sessions

traveling photographerNot in Seattle?  No problem!  As one of Seattle’s most sought after child and family photographers I take on a limited number of sessions, but I am available for travel anywhere within the continental United States given enough notice (and possibly elsewhere if given even more notice).  I absolutely love to travel, so travel sessions hold a special place in my heart!

I do have travel fees to account for my own travel costs, but the great news is that I only charge you what it costs me in time and travel to get to you.  Do you want even better news? I’ve figured out a way for you to get those travel fees waived!

If you book a session with me and get three more people in your area to book a session as well, I’ll waive your travel fees.  I’m sweetening the pot if you get FOUR people to book, you get a complimentary session and waived travel fees!  You can’t beat that!  

If I already plan to be in your area, NO travel fees for you!  YAY!

I will also announce on Facebook when I plan to travel to certain cities and have openings for sessions, so become a fan and keep an eye out because I may be coming to your area!


Upcoming Travel Dates:

Salt Lake City, UTSeptember 10-14, 2014
Nashville, TNNovember 7-10, 2014