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Moms, I want to talk to you for a minute.  We all want gorgeous photos of our family with everyone looking gorgeous and happy and their absolute best.  What is stopping you from making this a reality?  Is it because you can’t find the right photographer (unlikely)?  Is it because you don’t have time (could be, but time can be made)?  Or is it because you are waiting for the perfect moment?

“I need to lose some weight.”
“I’ve got to get my hair cut/dyed first.”
“I don’t have anything to wear.”
“I don’t have time.”
“If I’m going to invest money in this, I might as well wait until my kids are a little older and easier to work with.”
“I just don’t know what I want.”

Does that sound familiar?  These are all my personal excuses for not scheduling my own session.  Hypocritical, I know, but I say this to show you that I am not immune to this insecurity that it seems all women, especially mothers, feel.  I’d like to respond to each of these excuses:

– Sure, we all want to lose a little weight, but trust me, whether you lose weight or not, this time next year you will be glad you had photos taken.
– So, um, make an appointment and do it! Maybe having your session scheduled will be that extra push you need to just pick up the phone and call your favorite stylist.
– Go shopping and find something you love.  Then plan your family’s outfits based on what you are wearing.
– What’d you do last weekend?  Could you have taken an hour out of that and still accomplished the same tasks?
– Kids grow and change everyday. 5 years from now, when they are perfect little models, you are going to wish you had not waited 5 years.
– That’s why I am here.  We work together to find what you love and is meaningful to your family and then to create some amazing photos.

Did you know my oldest child is 6 1/2?  In 6 1/2 years we have not had family photos taken.  I don’t think there are very many actual photos (as in, not cell phone pics) taken of my youngest child that were not taken by me… and the sad fact is that I have not taken near enough photos of her.  Kids grow.  They change.  You think you will never forget the way your babies look or the little details about those you love.  Today Ophelia brought me a snapshot she found of Juliet when she was her age (2 1/2); I was truly shocked at the child in the photo because she didn’t look like the way I remembered Juliet.  If it weren’t for that photo, my mind’s eye might have skipped right over that age and blended my images of a 1 year old and a 3 year old Juliet.  Is this trivial in the scheme of life?  Sure, but it is important to me as a mother, a wife, and a person that cherishes her family to remember every last special little detail about the ones I love because I know that one day they will be older or they may not be with me anymore.

These mommas understand the importance of photos… and more importantly the importance of being in photos with your family. Email me, right now.  Or, better yet, call me (253) 655-7848.  Text me, even!  Don’t wait because you’ll forget or something else will come up and that email you meant to send tomorrow will end up staying in your drafts folder for another 6 months (I’m speaking from experience here :)).  As an extra special incentive, I’ll throw in a complimentary 6×6 mini album if you book your June session before May 31, 2012.

6x6 Mini Album

Lindy Mowery - Sweet photos, I really love the processing on these! The glow is perfect!

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