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  • I help clients capture their child’s personality. Oh, and I’m really good at acting (I used to be a performer in a former life), terrific at eating dessert (my fat jeans would definitely agree), and my Russian accent is stellar (Russians have confused me for an actual Russian until I give them a blank face when my Russian vocabulary runs out). Clients love my creative whimsical photos and are always commenting on how I’ve captured them in such a unique and beautiful way. Personally, I think my ability to return emails faster than Superman’s flight speed is pretty impressive. My Momma thinks I’m determined and that I have great hair and beautiful eyes. My friends envy my ability to balance everything on my overly full plate (they should be envying my husband because I certainly couldn’t do it without him). My clients love that I effectively capture their family and bottle moments in time for them to savor for years to come; I help them hold on to their memories.


For a while now I have been wanting to incorporate a stronger element of whimsy into my style and my photographs.  It’s something I have always been drawn to, but was unsure how to bring it to fruition.  It’s hard to explain, but I think at a certain point as an artist you get to where you have a vision for your work and the feelings that you want to evoke and who you want to become artistically.  Childhood whimsy is something that has always been a part of my vision.  I’m going to try to explain it, but I’m not sure I can… hopefully in the months to come, my photographs will bring a clearer view.  I want to capture that childhood innocence that makes the world magical – that feeling that encompasses you before you get big enough to realize that there is some really horrible, no good, very bad stuff in this world.  That sense of wonder and “the world is my oyster.”  We all have this idea of the perfect, ideal, simple, classic American childhood in our minds.  For me, this involves a hazy, dream like quality with simple touches of beauty (a flower in the hair, pristine nature, real expressions) and a hint of vintage.  I want to combine this with things I love about photography and that I’ve come to expect in my work (I love sunflares and backlit subjects, for example) while still capturing the connection in families and evoking emotion.  That’s my vision.  It’s a tall order, I’ll admit, but I think I can do it.;)  This is challenging for me on many levels, but I’ve decided I need to start shooting for myself, doing things that inspire me, and indulge.  I’m evolving as an artist – I sort of feel like I am coming out of a cocoon, of late – and I have discovered a sense of clarity and purpose in my photography that comes from emerging out of this rut that I’ve been in of late.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Having said all that, I’m going to start doing concept shoots for me.  If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter or like me on facebook because I will be putting out “casting calls” for specific stuff and if you fit the bill, then you’ll receive a free session and low resolution copies of the photos (plus, it’ll be super fun).  Right now, I am looking for someone with access to laying chickens that live in a decent looking yard, a family with at least one child (no younger than 3 years old, and preferably a little girl) with a mother willing to be in photos.

Here’s a taste of the whimsy I was talking about.:)

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City Boy | Seattle Child Photographer

I am SO in love with this location.  It just totally epitomizes Seattle for me.  The best part is that I discovered this super secret location completely by accident on my way to this session, so I told Mr. Xander’s momma that we just had to duck in there and grab some shots.  I’m so glad she agreed, because this little street/alley/whatever was so inspiring for me and really got my creative juices flowing.  Plus, it’s always a winning situation when you have gorgeous people, a gorgeous location, great light, and a super awesome photog with camera in hand!

I love this shot.


These shutters are a thing to behold.  Such great texture and history (well, I imagine there is lots o’ history… I made that part up, but it is Pioneer Square, so that is a very viable possibility!) and general awesomeness.

This just screams “boy” to me.  Love the grungy factor mixed with the sweet innocence of childhood. <3

Are you jealous?  You don’t need to be; you too can get fabulous photographs of your family in this sweet sweet location on October 9th with a super snazzy holiday mini session!

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erica clark - I can see why you love this gorgeous location! Beautiful work, as usual Sarah. :)

Goodbye, sweet Summer | Seattle Family Photographer

Summer hardly even made a pit stop in Seattle this year, or so it seems.  Since I spent the majority of my Summer in south Texas, you’d think I’d be glad, but it was too hot much of the time to do much without melting.  Having grown up there I can tell you that the smart people stay inside in the air conditioning from about May to late October.;)

When I got back to Seattle I think we had maybe 2 weeks of warm weather and sunshine before the drizzles and coolness started up again.  To celebrate my oldest coming back from her grandparent visit I put my foot down and bribed her with a new toy for a photo shoot.  A while back Juliet modeled for BabyLegs (and you can witness her cuteness here and here).  Since that fateful day she has decided she is a model and needs to be paid for her services.  So, I have resorted to (heavily) bribing.

Everything with our schedules finally coincided with one of the last sunny Summer days and I took advantage of the gorgeous light in one of my favorite locations near our home.  Side note: I’ve been in love with these flowers since Spring; someone tell me what they are!

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Catherine Mackechney - Awesome photos. Adorable sweaters. Beautiful family! And I’m jealous of your weathers.

Panevino | Seattle Commercial Photographer

Panevino Trattoria recently hired me to photograph their restaurant and food for their website and marketing.  I’m primarily a portrait photographer, but sometimes I like to dabble in other areas of photography just to spice things up a bit and keep me on my toes.  It was a great experience.  I love the food and the decor.  You should definitely check them out.  Tell ‘em I sent ya!:)

They have a full bar.

I just love these bottles and the instantaneous refills.

This is Val.  He is a super awesome waiter and very sweet.  If you get him, tip him well!

All these pictures are from the owners home town in Italy.


Every time I see this I want to drink it.

This is panna cotta.  It tastes like Summer.

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Catherine Mackechney - Your photos definitely make me want to eat there!

erica clark - Sublime! Simply divine!!!

Rey Junkinimer - Great photos! Just saw their Yelp Deal this morning, and wanted find out more. your pictures say it all check it out http://www.yelp.com/biz/panevino-seattle

Sarah - Thanks!