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  • I help clients capture their child’s personality. Oh, and I’m really good at acting (I used to be a performer in a former life), terrific at eating dessert (my fat jeans would definitely agree), and my Russian accent is stellar (Russians have confused me for an actual Russian until I give them a blank face when my Russian vocabulary runs out). Clients love my creative whimsical photos and are always commenting on how I’ve captured them in such a unique and beautiful way. Personally, I think my ability to return emails faster than Superman’s flight speed is pretty impressive. My Momma thinks I’m determined and that I have great hair and beautiful eyes. My friends envy my ability to balance everything on my overly full plate (they should be envying my husband because I certainly couldn’t do it without him). My clients love that I effectively capture their family and bottle moments in time for them to savor for years to come; I help them hold on to their memories.

Project 52: Week Eight | Seattle child photography

I’ve been really into black and

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whites lately, can you tell?:)It’s not usually my style, but something about winter pictures just puts me in a moody black and white mode. I got some adorable pictures of my girls last week, but I just could not resist this one of them watching the snow fall outside. Precious.

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Project 52: Week Seven | Seattle family photography

Since their Daddy is always so busy with school and work, the girls jump on any second they can get with him. Last week my goal was to capture each of them

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with their Daddy (which is a lot harder than it would seem since there is constant clamoring for his attention from both parties). Juliet was not thrilled with my attempts to photograph her so I just took what I could get. I am not one that believes a good photo requires a beautiful expression. I’d much rather capture a child as who they are in that moment than to snap something manufactured. Clearly, that’s what I got.:)

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Do you like free stuff?! | Seattle photography deals

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by July 31st, 2011.


Why Choose Hope and Memory Photography?
Photographs are so powerful that they can instantly transport you back to that moment: the smells, the sounds, the feelings… I can’t give you a time machine, but I can give you a unique photograph that captures your child for who they are so you will never forget those chubby baby rolls or that quirky expression. I have a passion for creating photos that allow families to hold on to their memories. Basically, I want to give you the closest thing I can to a time machine.:)Sessions with me are relaxed, comfortable, and unique because they will be tailored for you and your family. And guess what? It’s okay if your child child cries or is uncooperative for 75% of the session. You will be amazed at what I can capture with that 25%! I edit every photo by hand, pay attention to little details, and only show you the cream of the crop (which is usually 25-30 photos, but sometimes there’s even more awesomeness to show you)! In addition to all of this, my goal is for you to leave happy. If you aren’t satisfied with your photos, there are several solutions to be had; although I should mention I’ve yet to have an unsatisfied customer.:)

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Project 52: Week Six | Seattle child photographer

I know, I know.

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Ophelia looks disgusting and there has already been at least one high chair picture. In my defense, she is at a super-fast-run-around-and-never-stop-long-enough-for-mom-to-grab-her-camera stage and just about the only time I can catch her is when she is strapped in. So there. Plus, she enjoyed her first mochi ball here, which accounts for the “What is that gross oddly colored slimy stuff all over her?” factor.

Juliet was able to write her very own Valentine’s for the first time this year. I was pretty proud of her considering she is only 5 and not even in kindergarten yet. I never said that they were all legible, but she tried and for the most part did a good job so it counts in my book.:)

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My Sweetheart

I thought today would be a perfect day to show off the amazing Mr. Vasquez, my darling husband. Let me introduce you.

This is my love.

This is my favorite picture of him (pretty much of all time) because it shows a side of him that most don’t get to see.
I love that special smile that is given to so few people.

Chris is pretty amazing at literally everything. If you replace gold with success, then he is kind of like King Midas. He has so so so many talents that it confounds (and frustrates) me. Unfortunately, this darling man doesn’t have time to devote to any of them. Chris is working full time and going to school full time while still trying to be a Daddy and a husband. It’s hard on all of us, but it is especially hard on him; not only does he have to do go to school and work but he also has to deal with knowing

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how disappointed we are when he walks out the door. I know it is a huge burden and yet he still is so strong through all of it, usually with a positive attitude and a joke or two to boot.

When I met and fell in love with him as a little naive 13 year old girl, I could have never imagined where our life would take us. All I knew was that I loved him and I let him know it often (much to his chagrin… and my embarrassment when I look back on it). We got married right out of high school after only officially dating for about 11 months. Obviously, people assume the worst when a not quite 18 year old marries her 19 year old boyfriend. It was not a shotgun wedding, but we were blessed when Juliet showed up 4 days after our 1st anniversary. The following year we moved across the country (to Seattle, yay!) and continued our life-journey. I graduated from College the Summer before Ophelia showed up. Through this very condensed version of our life together this man has stood by my side and supported me in whatever way he could. He has loved and cared for our daughters to the best of his ability. He has his faults and we’ve had our rough patches, but he is the perfect one for me. He is my soul mate. He is the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

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erica - *eyes watering*
Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of yours.
Superb…in every way.

Sarah - Thank you, Erica. He is such a special man and rarely gets the credit he deserves. I love this picture too! It is hanging on my living room wall in the form of a canvas. :)

Jim White - This was indeed a wonderful post Sarah . . may our dear Lord keep and bless you all . . hope to be able to visit some day soon . .

DefinitelynotMe - What a pimp!

Holly C - This is so fun to read! My husband is going to school about 13 hours a day right now, so I know the feeling of that, and though he and I are 7 years apart, we started dating when I was 16 (had known each other for a few years), and got married when I was 18. Landon arrived 11 months into our marriage…and I would never ever change it. :)