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  • I help clients capture their child’s personality. Oh, and I’m really good at acting (I used to be a performer in a former life), terrific at eating dessert (my fat jeans would definitely agree), and my Russian accent is stellar (Russians have confused me for an actual Russian until I give them a blank face when my Russian vocabulary runs out). Clients love my creative whimsical photos and are always commenting on how I’ve captured them in such a unique and beautiful way. Personally, I think my ability to return emails faster than Superman’s flight speed is pretty impressive. My Momma thinks I’m determined and that I have great hair and beautiful eyes. My friends envy my ability to balance everything on my overly full plate (they should be envying my husband because I certainly couldn’t do it without him). My clients love that I effectively capture their family and bottle moments in time for them to savor for years to come; I help them hold on to their memories.

Back to School mini sessions! | Seattle children’s photographer

back to school photosSummer’s not over yet, but it’s time to start thinking about back to school photos!

Whether your baby is headed to her first day of kindergarten or your boy is starting his last year of elementary school, I’ve got you covered. No scrambling to remember the camera on the first day of school!

Back to School minis are coming to the studio on August 28, 2014! 
$50 gets you a 15 minute shoot, a gallery of 5-10 images, a high res photo, AND a very special gift (wanna know what it is? book your mini session to find out…)



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Pin It to Win It 2014 | WINNER!

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I am a huge Wes Anderson fan.  When I need inspiration, his movies are one of my go-to remedies.  I love his unique and whimsical style, the worlds he creates, and the fact that every single frame of his films could stand on its own as a stunning photograph.  Moonrise Kingdom is one of my favorites.  While I love all the entries and would love to do any one of these sessions, it’s no wonder that this Pinterest board won my heart!

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Father’s Day Mini Sessions | Seattle Child Photographer


There is something so incredibly heartwarming about photos of daddies with their little ones that just melts me every single time.  As a mother, I can tell you that thing people tell you about how you fall in love with your husband all over again (and yet in a completely new and deeper way than you ever thought possible) when you see him loving on and caring for your babies is so very true.  Almost all of my favorite photos of my husband (with the exception of only two) are of him with our daughters.

Babies grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into kids in the blink of an eye.  My oldest baby, my muse, has seemingly overnight grown into this gorgeous girl and it feels like the time we had with her as a baby and even a preschooler was a lifetime ago.  There are a few things I remember, but mostly my memory is jogged by the few photos we have of her from that time.  I didn’t become a photographer until she was about 4, so we have few precious photos of her.  If I could go back in time, I would have taken more photos.  I would have been in more photos with her.  And I would have more photos of her playing with her daddy before she had to share him.  Mommas, I urge you to capture this special time.  It really is so fleeting.

Your session fee includes 1 digital file.  If you can’t choose, upgrade your gallery for an additional $200!  So email me today – before you forget because I know you have 100 other things on your to-do list that are more pressing, but the thing is that time doesn’t wait for anyone and your babies won’t always be babies – to snatch up your spot in this killer deal of a photo event taking place at the studio on June 7th.

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Replichrome II | Slide Film Emulation

 You already know how much I love Replichrome, but now those creative geniuses over at Totally Rad have knocked it out of the park with a new set.  I was very excited and honored to be asked to beta test the new Replichrome II slide film emulation presets.

Here’s the thing, as much as I want to be a film photographer, I am not (at least not at this time).  Totally Rad has made it possible for anyone to achieve an accurate film look without having to shoot film (which, let’s face it, is significantly more pricey over time than it’s digital counterpart).  I’ve edited (and re-edited) a few photos with my favorites from the new Replichrome II presets.  Check ‘em out and then go grab a copy of these bad boys for yourself!

From Totally Rad’s desciption:
“Replichrome II includes presets for Fuji™, Agfa™ and Kodak™ slide films. This set contains multiple versions of each slide film, using both Nortitsu™ and Epson™ scanners. Slide films are known for their exceptional color quality and high contrast and are particularly well-suited for landscape, fashion and reportage photography.”


Replichrome IIReplichrome IIReplichrome IIReplichrome II

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Ice Cream Concept Planning | Seattle Commercial Photographer

My Strawberry Shortcake inspired commercial shoot had such a great response that I’ve been in talks with partners to create that same vintage Americana vibe… but with ice cream!  Think old ice cream trucks and the Good Humor man, soda jerks and sundaes, children and vintage prints. Gorgeous, fun stuff!

I’ve been wanting to plan an ice cream concept for a while now but have just never gotten around to actually doing it.  With so many amazing ice cream options in Seattle, there is no reason not to!  I’ve been dreaming up something wonderful filled with all this vintage Americana, nostalgia, pops of muted color, clean lines, and the juxtaposition of elegance and peeling paint.

vintage ice cream colors

When I think “vintage Americana” the picture that enters my mind consists of all the best parts of several decades, spanning the lifetime of my grandparents.  I think of picket fences, soda shops, farms with red barns and cows, pigtails, mary janes, blue jeans, wooden pails, old cars, etc.  I think of mixing the fashion and decor of the 1930s with the culture of the 1950s.  It’s idealism and kitsch.  It’s shabby chic and natural bright clean lines.  It’s apple pies and ice cream, baseball and peanuts.  It’s the magic of Summer evenings and catching fireflies. Top it off with the magic of childhood and timeless elementary school Summers. Think ice cream sundaes after a baseball game, running through sprinklers and perking up when you hear that magical jovial tinkling music box sound from the ice cream truck, sticky hands and melting ice cream cones.  It’s the idealism of a smiling milk man delivering milk in glass bottles, homemade pies, the excitement of a county fair, sparklers and fireworks.  It’s a mix of modern trends and a bygone era.  Follow Hope and Memory Photography’s board Ice Cream on Pinterest.

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Ice Cream Campaign Planning | Eureka Faction! - […] Materials have been distributed to our partners, and planning for our ice cream campaign us underway! We can’t say much, but we’re oh so excited to see the end results! Check out this super secret sneak peek blog post on planning the photo session by Sarah Vasquez over at Hope and Memory Photography. […]