The Littlest Heroes Project

For my first real post I wanted to highlight an amazing organization that I wholeheartedly believe in.  The Littlest Heroes Project is an organization that provides families of children with serious childhood illnesses free custom photography sessions provided by a network of photographers across the country (and there are even some internationally).  There are several organizations that do things like this (one for military families comes to mind, although I can’t remember the name right now or I would give you a linky for it too), and while I love that they exist, this particular one has a soft place in my heart.  Maybe it is the mother in me, but I feel that these families especially deserve a free session.  Medical bills pile up and even those families that place an importance on photography just simply can’t budget for it even if they wanted to.  And, heaven forbid, when these kids lose their fight, the parents may not have any great pictures to remember them by.  A photo can capture so much more than just the image of a person… it can evoke memories, emotions, feelings, and touch all the senses in some cases (there is a snapshot of my mom holding my oldest daughter up on the counter in my parents’ pharmacy – where I practically grew up – as a baby and every time I look at it I can still here the clinking of the pills as they are being counted and it instantly transports me back to my family that resides 5000 miles away).  It’s just so so so important to have photos in our lives, and especially so for these families.

I’m so excited and proud to say that I was recently accepted to be part of the Littlest Heroes photography team.  I will be servicing the Seattle and Puget Sound area.  If you know a family that could benefit from such an awesome opportunity, please have them go here and apply.  While I hate that there are sick kids out there that need this organization to exist, I am so very thankful that it does and incredibly excited to be able to give back in this way.

Mike - Nice post… :) Keep up the good work. Mike

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